Learnmix at HITSA conference

Learnmix team is organising the next e-textbook workshop at HITSA educational conference, on April 17th.

Workshop title: E-textbook, it is not a textbook?

The purpose of this workshop is to gather research groups and publishers who are interested in developing the next generation of e-textbooks. The workshop will explore

what would be the future e-textbook? what happens to a textbook, if it is published entirely electronically? Is an e-textbook similar to an e-book, is it a software application, a collection of learning objects bundled together by an user or something else?

Invited guests: Kaido Reivelt (Tartu Ülikooli koolifüüsika keskus),  Kaarel Oja (Kirjastus Maurus)Hendrik Väli (Kirjastus Avita)Karen Kärtmann (Tartu Erakool), Tõnis Kusmin (Silmaring MTÜ)

See you at the conference!

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