E-textbook as a pizza making process

While talking about complicated and innovative visions in education, we very often need to find ways to express our ideas in an understandable way. One option is to make use of metaphors, a figure of speech. In one of the Learnmix project meetings we run a brainstorm session to find the most suitable metaphor, which describes our vision of the future e-textbook. As a result of our brainstorming session we came up with many different metaphors, which actually very nicely convey our message.

So, what do you think of baking a pizza?

Imagine you want to make a pizza, but you are not very keen on making everything yourself. So, you go to a supermarket, find a pizza dough and bring it home. This is a dough what professionals have made it for you. It has all the right ingredients, it is easy to handle and ready to use. And the most exciting part starts now. You are watching the dough in front of you and thinking what kind of topping it should have. And here you most likely want to be creative, make your own pizza topping exactly according to your taste. Perhaps come up even with some crazy ideas and run some experiments.

Haven’t you noticed in pizza restaurants that sometimes you want to have more cheese on your pizza or you don’t like olives, which are always on your favourite pizza? But now you can make exactly the pizza top you like. You might even want to search in Internet for some interesting ideas for toppings or open some cooking books to get inspiration and acquire understanding of whether you have to put all your favourite ingredients at the same time on your pizza dough or is it smart to add some of them later after a few minutes baking. Anyway, this is the time for exploring, trying out, testing, experimenting… And the outcome is really yours, done your way, it might not turn out the most delicious one first time, but you would still feel satisfied, because you tried and learned what to do better next time…


Foto: Dario Alvarez https://www.flickr.com/photos/darioalvarez/5543591029/

Doesn’t it sound like an interesting learning process? You have professionally created material, which is evaluated, checked, with good quality…and then you as a learner step in and start to build your own knowledge on it. You create your additional content and it is unique…

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